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 Data Wiping

Datumx is one of the best Data Wiping Services Companies in Delhi which helps to reduce any E-Waste Hazards. Once they complete the process they also provide data wiping service and data wiping certificate as mark of authenticity. The kind of process they use is highly sophisticated and full proof. Their data wipe is designed with tested algorithms which erase data in such a way that it becomes impossible to retrieve the lost data. This provides full proof security of any confidential and confidential data. They erase everything from hard disk partition, folders, subfolders, selected files, unused disk space, online/offline records, cookies, internet files, temporary folders, url list etc.

E-Waste Management

According to the new India E-Waste Management and Handling Rules 2011, the manufacturer of electronics goods is responsible for setting up a collection centre or a take back facility for e-waste disposal. The manufacturer is responsible for collection of e-waste generated from their end of life products in line with the principle of ‘Extended Producer Responsibility’ and ensuring that such e-wastes are channelized to registered dismantler or recycler.Hence, the need for employee safety regulations and organization of this sector was felt. As a result of formalizing the informal E-waste management sector, Datumx Pvt. Ltd. came with new ideas. We are known to be one of the most reliable importers and service providers, engaged in the E Waste Recycling Services, Collection, Segregation and Storage of E-Waste.

Remote Infrastructure Management

Today, comprehensive and innovative Remote Infrastructure Management has become the need of the hour amongst the businesses of all domains. Commonly known as RIM, it brings you a number of added benefits say like cost advantages, assisting internal IT engineers to distillate on strategic motives, making IT operations better and increased focus on innovations. We at Datumx are well aware of the importance of such innovative services. We deliver Remote Infrastructure Management services to make your networking and internet services advanced and innovative. We deliver innovative Remote Infrastructure Management services from our integrated common centre and service management centre located in Delhi & NCR.

Database Management

Database is the heart of any web application, if it is not working properly it will degrade your application either by performance speed or by data inconsistency. Security of database is also an important issue because if database lost means your business lost or even more worst than this. We have separate department for database management to ensure its integrity, security, consistency, performance, right schema design, relationships, size etc. important factors. Databases are the hidden workhorses of many organisations’ IT systems, holding critical business intelligence and carrying out hundreds of thousands of transactions each day.In many ways, the database has become a commodity.

Platform/OS Management

Datumx handles every aspect of Platform/OS Management from automated installation, patching, and updates to problem solving and performance optimization. We monitor your OS around the clock. Datumx OS management is a cost-effective way to perform the otherwise burdensome and complex work of handling OS patches and upgrades. The changes are made according to an agreed schedule using efficient and structured methods; no surprises.

By using our Platform/OS Management solution, you gain solid expertise in Linux, Solaris and Windows Server operating systems. Our service guarantees that your technical environment has a rock-solid engine on which to securely run your applications.

Storage/Backup management

As an end-to-end solutions provider, we offer you data storage management and products and business continuity and disaster recovery plans. With IBM’s award-winning Tivoli suite of Storage products, you can depend on a data storage infrastructure that is consistent and bridges myriad technologies.

Our storage solutions provides :

  • Centralized administration for data and storage management.
  • Fully automated data protection.
  • Efficient management of information growth.
  • High-speed automated server recovery.
  • Full compatibility with hundreds of storage devices, as well as LAN, WAN, and SAN infrastructures.
  • Optional customized backup solutions for major groupware, enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, and database products.